Domains Management – SMBs

Domains Management for SMBs

Now included free in every domain registered with is now the first domains provider to include Domains Management free of charge with every domain name registered, transferred or renewed. Domains Management is as essential service that is either performed by the owner of the domains themselves, assigned to a third party to perform or, far from ideally, not performed at all.

Domains are managed by firstly using tools to monitor and alert on relevant actions that might affect the domains in question. It’s essential that these tools are configured correctly, maintained and alert a party that is responsible for the domains management. The most essential aspect of any Domains Management Service is management of the renewal process to ensure that no domain is allowed to lapse accidentally. Domains Management Service for SMBs includes:

  • A dedicated domains Account Manager
  • Self-Service Domains Management Tools
  • Auto-renew audits to ensure that domains do not lapse accidentally
  • Multiple renewal alerts as domains approach renewal anniversaries
  • Monitoring to ensure that domain contact details are correct

If you want to ensure your valuable intellectual property is protected and functioning correctly, start with the only provider that includes Domains Management with every domain –!

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