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DOMAINS.COM.AU Website Hosting Services deliver industry-leading, robust, flexible and easy to use hosting to power your small business success online.

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Built on VMware

All DOMAINS.COM.AU cPanel services are built on VMware virtualisation, delivering proven a enterprise-grade platform that dynamically manages each virtual server and protects it from failure. DOMAINS.COM.AU Australian cPanel web hosting is located in Global Switch in Sydney, one of the largest data centres in the southern hemisphere.

User Friendly

The user friendly cPanel web interface offers multiple features and a sleek control panel for clients to manage their web hosting, email, zone records, FTP, databases and much more. It’s the perfect solution for clients who want easy management of their website.

Multiple Domains

DOMAINS.COM.AU customers can host up to 20 domains on a single cPanel hosting instance, each with a unique email address and FTP access for each of the websites you create.

Robust Infrastructure

DOMAINS.COM.AU virtual servers are built on cPanel and VMware infrastructure, ensuring that any website traffic spikes will avoid impacts on your business.

Easy App Installs

With SimpleScripts TM on all cPanel website hosting, installation of applications such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal etc is a click of the mouse away.


DOMAINS.COM.AU customers can access their emails anywhere and from any device with webmail, which is included in the cPanel interface.